How to Get Over a bad Breakup for Guys

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This is episode 2 and today’s frequently asked question is:
How to Get Over a bad Breakup for Guys

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so… how do you get over a bad breakup for guys?

Well, the reality is that a breakup is a breakup is a breakup. it doesn’t matter if it was a bad breakup or a good breakup. In fact, let me ask you: what is a good breakup?

Ok, so I’m going to assume that by bad breakup you mean how you feel after the breakup. There’ s nothing quite like rejection from the opposite sex to get a guy down. it robs you off your self-esteem… it’s basically a kick in the teeth. And when it comes to recovering from this kick in the teeth, you basically have 2 options. One of them is to do nothing, let time do it’s business, and the second option – the more proactive one – is to actually do something about it.

Now, one of the clues is in the self-esteem. The low self-esteem, the lack of self-esteem, needs to be rebuilt. When you have good self-esteem, the world looks different. You interpret things and react to things differently. So even rejection can feel like water off a duck’s back.

Self-esteem of course builds confidence, and that comes with a sack-full of benefits. So the thing to do right now is to focus on rebuilding that self-esteem.

Now, women have this ‘thing’ (you would have heard of this) called shopping therapy. And the basis is that when you buy something for yourself, when you treat yourself, you feel good, to a degree. Now I’m not suggesting that you get a credit card and you get into debt by buying things for you and I’m also not suggesting that you run away from the reality, from this issue. You need to face this. But there’s nothing wrong with looking at how the opposite sex sometimes deals with this and taking the bits that may work for us.

And one of the things that you can do is treat yourself to some new clothes so that you’re not walking around with anything that may have an emotional connection to your recent past. Also change your hairstyle. Change the way that you wear your facial hair, if you have any. Just basically change yourself. Reinvent yourself. Come up with a new image for yourself so that when you look in the mirror you’re not looking at the guy who you aassociatewith failure and low self-esteem.

Now, it sounds like a trick, but it does work. But in the mid to long-term you need to actually sit down and plan your way out of this.

As I mentioned earlier, here are some resources to help you, including some free training. I have also included these in the description below this video where you can find the links to each of these resources.

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