Cheating Spouse

I don’t do movie reviews, but I recently watched Notes on a Scandal and I thought the sub-plot of the story-line deserves a mention, if only for the education. The story is about a cheating spouse. Before the woman decides to cheat on her husband (because it is, after all, a decision) she was an art teacher at a school. She leads a pretty average married life and uses her circumstances to justify (to herself) committing adultery. The interesting thing to watch is how the story unfolds from the point she makes a decision to cheat, onward. Her life becomes a mess, her family is torn about, and worse. The woman single-handedly creates a scandal around herself, and the stress that ensues as a result is, well… stressful.

When you look back, the outcome (cost) of the temporary pleasure gained by the affair really outweighs any benefit. The mounting stress alone is not worth it.

The whole point here is to illustrate that the adulteress had the choice all along, and she chose the option that she knew was bad. She says some things like: “it felt naughty, and naughty can feel erotic.” Well, food can also look tasty and tempting before a severe bout of indigestion…

Her reason for becoming a cheating spouse is not so far-fetched – in fact, it’s spot on. The reason wasn’t an unhappy marriage, or stress at home (if that’s ever a reason…) but a bad decision.

The striking thing here is that she was fully aware that she was making a bad decision, and still went ahead with it. Which points to her character more than anything. It wasn’t even a snap decision – she chewed over it and looked for the first opportunity to take – using an instance of her family life to justify leaving the home and initiating the affair.

Food for thought…

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