The danger of healing in your own time (healing from a broken heart)

Healing from a broken heart is not a pleasant experience: it’s called a broken heart for a reason. When getting over a failed relationship, an ex-partner etc, you are under tremendous pressure. Literally, your brain is producing ‘bad’ chemicals and releasing them into your bloodstream… and these chemicals cause you to feel in certain ways, …

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Put The Past Behind You

In order to move on from any event in life – namely splitting up with your partner – you need to shed the past: that is, after all, where the events ‘live’. The reason some people get ’stuck’ and build resentment, stress and even illness over something is simply that they keep on playing the …

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Why do relationships fail?

Many relationships fail, this much is obvious. But why do relationships fail? Whilst it may seem that this question has many answers since there are many types of relationships and many excuses given as reasons for the failure of those relationships, you may be surprised to realise that the reasons why relationships fail very few. …

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