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A powerful trilogy to get you to the next level:


What's the Man Power Blog about:

This is a resource. It's a stop on your journey, and hopefully the start of your new, much powerful and deliberate one.

The Man Power Trilogy covers the 3 things that any modern man needs to have nailed before truly moving onto greater things:

  1. the ability to get the girl you want
  2. the ability to move on from the past (this point is a messy one if you're self-employed, so we added a complimentary book - the blue on - to help you nail this)
  3. the resources to expand your mind

When you have a manly confidence to move forward with determination and you're able to communicate with the opposite sex at their own level and you have a greater self-awareness than most, then you're truly unstoppable.

Point 3 (expanding your mind) is such a vast item in and of itself that I couldn't possibly do it justice by just writing a book. So I didn't. I will list recommendations (there's one great reason to sign up) as we go.

That said, you need to have nailed the first 2 points before you can fully focus on the third point. Nothing will rob you of your mental resources like a relationship breakdown or the stress of not being able to date the women you want.

Welcome to the next stop in your journey.

J Riley


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